Muscled straight teen guy Adam Baer

‘Broke Straight Boys’ introduce muscled straight teen guy, Adam Baer, and his thick 10 inch dick to a fantastic BSB production in this sensual hardcore movie along with Tate Thompson, who is an all exclusive star to Broke Straight Boys.
This hardcore episode gets into the action straight away. No story, just a fast paced pay to gay fuck movie as Adam Baer and Tate Thompson kneel down on the bed fully clothed kissing each other. They tell each other how much they love each other and dream of a day when they don’t have to work so that they can spend their days having unadulterated sex. As they kiss, they start stripping each other naked and grinding their hips against each other.

Once naked, straight dude Adam stands up on the bed and Tate grabs a hold of his big black circumcised cock in his warm hand and puts it in his mouth. Adam groans out deeply as Tate sucks on his dick and fondles his heavy ball sack that dangles between his powerful and hairy thighs. Adam bends over whilst his cock is getting blown and strokes his hand lovingly all over Tate’s firm white butt cheeks. Tate’s body rocks backwards and forwards as he sucks on Adam’s dick and Adam smacks his slutty ass which turns Tate on even more. Adam puts his fingers into his mouth and slides them up and down Tate’s tight crack. Tate groans out load with extreme pleasure as Adam smacks his fingers against his hot asshole and makes Tate beg to have his fingers deep inside his hole. Adam bends over his body and watches his fingers disappear inside Tate’s tight hole knowing he needs to loosen his hole up if he wants to squeeze his huge cock into such a tight ass.
broke straight boys
Adam lays down on his back and Tate moves over his body in the sixty nine position and sucks on his dick whist Adam licks and eats out his soon to be fucked hole. Using his thick, black thumbs, Adam prises open Tate’s hole as the camera zooms straight in there and we get to see how pink and clean Tate’s asshole is as he leans forward and sinks his tongue as deep as it can go. Tate’s cock throbs with excitement as Adam smacks his ass a few more times and tells him he wants to fuck his sweet asshole.
Tate gets on to his back with his knees bent towards his muscular hairy chest and Adam bends over and takes it in turns as he sucks on Tate’s eight and a half inch dick, and then back to licking his juicy entrance until Tate begs him once again to fuck him.
Adam quickly rolls on a condom and pile drives all ten inches deep into Tate Thompson’s slutty tight hole. As sweat pours down their hard bodies Adam and Tate moan and groan as they fuck like a couple of dogs on heat as they fuck doggy style, and then into the missionary position where Tate cries out as his hot juicy cum splatters over his ravished body. Adam Baer gets up and, as he jerks franticly on his thick dick, Tate opens his mouth and gets rewarded as thick creamy white cum shoots out of Adam’s pulsating cock and lands all over his cock sucking lips and into his mouth which he lovingly swallows.

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