Broke Straight Boys: Cage

Tyler Griffin and Junior Fernandez are two broke st8 boys that are prepared to get acquainted with each other a little better now and that begins locking lips before Fernandez goes down toward Griffin’s cock as they make out. Fernandez gets enormous penis is ’sed by Griffin outside and works that fat cock sucking it and feeling it grow harder on his tongue as he slides his mouth up and down. Tyler gets a taste of Fernandez licking his penis and sucking on his balls as Antonio lies back and loves it, but he climbs on top and sits back onto Fernandez’s penis once Tyler’s got Fernandez’s broke straight cock standing at attention.

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They make out more before Tyler holds upward Junior’s legs and buries his bareback cock in his butt, making straight boy Junior moan and taking it slow before fucking him harder! Tyler’s balls smack against Junior’s butt as he thumps him tender, taking him with each of Tyler’s deep stabs in many different places as Junior’s broke butt rebounds. Junior’s tight ass is too much for Tyler and he lets his cum fly back, then sealing the deal with a kiss, letting Tyler clean it up with his mouth and licking it up while Junior jerks himself off and cums hard!

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