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Tanner Brandon And Tyler Fuck Raw
Tanner Brandon And Tyler Fuck Raw
Tanner Brandon And Tyler Fuck Raw

The Broke Boy – Brady Bennett

Brady Bennett has been a controversial figure over the years, keeping his name in the headlines. He’s originally from New Jersey but loves his current state Mississippi. His smooth sculpted body makes it easy to imagine him in a skin-tight outfit with his seven-inch cock hanging out, ever bit a superhero or maybe Batman’s sidekick, Robin. Indeed, no one would complain if the Joker bent him over, ripped his pants apart with his teeth, and showed that awesome ass. He’s a bottom boy, 5′ 9″ with brown hair and seductive brown eyes.

Back to Brady’s antics, one of the biggest problems is his refusal to work with people of colour. Thankfully that’s rare, but it still lands you smack dab in the “racist” category as far as public opinion is concerned. He’s done over 100 hardcore broke straight men videos and has never had sex with a black man. Brady claims this is because he can’t have sex with someone he’s not attracted to, and he does get to choose who fucks him after all.

The other topic of conversation is his broke straight boys free movies. He did a few when he began his amateur porn career. A fantasy for many people of both sexes it should be kept a fantasy if you’re sleeping around or have a partner with a roaming eye. Bareback performances have cost many actors their careers. Thankfully for Brady, he was able to learn from the mistake soon enough he didn’t share his friend’s misfortune, catching HIV. After that, he used condoms in all sexual encounters, even those at home.
brady bennett
Brady got into drugs for a while and had an issue keeping his weight down. Despite all of these problems, he seems like a nice young man. He gives a clear impression of being naive which may have contributed to his originalissues. Hopefully, he’s learned from all of his mistakes, and his career can continue unharmed. He has, after all, gone on to star in twenty hardcore movies for BSB, a company which promotes safe sex and HIV testing before filming.

Over 50,000 viewers watched his first hardcore movie for BSB back in November 2012 where he bottomed for Brandon Evans in “Amateur Gay Teens” Just one month later, 84,000 cock-jerking men shot their loads as he got his hard ass drilled by Antonio Ferrari in “Straight To Gay” Don’t forget, he was also in an awesome amateur homosexual threesome in “Bottoms Up” with Tyler Griffin and Junior Fernandez, in January 2012, released by “BSB TV.” Follow him on instagram here