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Tanner Brandon And Tyler Fuck Raw
Tanner Brandon And Tyler Fuck Raw
Tanner Brandon And Tyler Fuck Raw

Me and gay twink top Joey Mills from Helix Studios

Helix Studios is a site that will get your cock throbbing and your balls tightening up. It has approximately 120 different categories that show us all kind of gay porn movies. They range from Greek, to, big cock, gay teen fuck, cum inside, straight guy, orgy, twink, and so on. I think you get the picture. Because there is so much gay twink porno here, I decided to invite my fuck buddy around to watch some of it with me, just to see how excited he got watching them.

My Hot Gay Teen Friend Joey Mills Came By

Joey MillsI have a smart TV, so with poppers, lube and condoms on the table, my friend Joey Mills – – came around, and by the looks of the bulge in his pants, he was already excited. We kissed as he entered the room, and from the feel of his hand on my ass, I knew he was all set to go.
Because we are both into the old Greek stories of guys mentoring a younger guy for all kinds of things, we chose the ‘gay teen porn’ category to begin with. We saw that some clips were just for a minute, and that’s ok if you want a quick wank, but we wanted something a bit longer, and not just Joey’s cock. We are also into uniform sex, so we were more than happy to see a twenty-one-minute Helix porn vid with young Greek guys in the military.

Before anyone had their cocks out on the film, Joey Mills sat back and released his monster sized cock, and started jerking it up and down. I stripped naked, and as I sat next to him on the couch, we began to masturbate each other.
The movie is set in a camp, and two handsome young guys are asleep in their bunk beds, one up, one down. They are naked, and get a surprise when a few other guys come in, and get them to suck their cocks. Pretty soon, these young guys are opening their legs up, and their tight butt holes are getting fingered and licked all over.

These gay teen fuck movies from Helix

Joey, got down on his knees, and as I pulled my knees up to my chest, he began sucking my dick, and fingering my itchy asshole with his lubed up finger, as I carried on watching this hot and horny movie from Helix Studios.
The camera goes in for a close up as these guys get fucked bareback. They are all moaning and groaning with lust, and so am I. Joey Mills has got me on the floor on my hands and knees, and as my eyes feast on the gay porn film, Joey Mills feasts on my ass, and rams his cock in, hard and fast. He fucks me until we see the guys shooting cum all over each other, and into their mouths. Joey shouts out, and after he has cum all over my asshole, he sucks me off, and I cum down his throat.
We watched a few more movies that night, and I have to tell you this, this site is more than worth it as it has hundreds and hundreds of films to watch. We had sex four times that night, and Mills is coming around tonight to watch more of Helix Studios, and this time, he is bringing a couple of friends with him. Learn more here

Broke Straight Boys video audition

The Broke Boy – Brady Bennett

Brady Bennett has been a controversial figure over the years, keeping his name in the headlines. He’s originally from New Jersey but loves his current state Mississippi. His smooth sculpted body makes it easy to imagine him in a skin-tight outfit with his seven-inch cock hanging out, ever bit a superhero or maybe Batman’s sidekick, Robin. Indeed, no one would complain if the Joker bent him over, ripped his pants apart with his teeth, and showed that awesome ass. He’s a bottom boy, 5′ 9″ with brown hair and seductive brown eyes.

Back to Brady’s antics, one of the biggest problems is his refusal to work with people of colour. Thankfully that’s rare, but it still lands you smack dab in the “racist” category as far as public opinion is concerned. He’s done over 100 hardcore broke straight men videos and has never had sex with a black man. Brady claims this is because he can’t have sex with someone he’s not attracted to, and he does get to choose who fucks him after all.

The other topic of conversation is his broke straight boys free movies. He did a few when he began his amateur porn career. A fantasy for many people of both sexes it should be kept a fantasy if you’re sleeping around or have a partner with a roaming eye. Bareback performances have cost many actors their careers. Thankfully for Brady, he was able to learn from the mistake soon enough he didn’t share his friend’s misfortune, catching HIV. After that, he used condoms in all sexual encounters, even those at home.
brady bennett
Brady got into drugs for a while and had an issue keeping his weight down. Despite all of these problems, he seems like a nice young man. He gives a clear impression of being naive which may have contributed to his originalissues. Hopefully, he’s learned from all of his mistakes, and his career can continue unharmed. He has, after all, gone on to star in twenty hardcore movies for BSB, a company which promotes safe sex and HIV testing before filming.

Over 50,000 viewers watched his first hardcore movie for BSB back in November 2012 where he bottomed for Brandon Evans in “Amateur Gay Teens” Just one month later, 84,000 cock-jerking men shot their loads as he got his hard ass drilled by Antonio Ferrari in “Straight To Gay” Don’t forget, he was also in an awesome amateur homosexual threesome in “Bottoms Up” with Tyler Griffin and Junior Fernandez, in January 2012, released by “BSB TV.” Follow him on instagram here

Muscled straight teen guy Adam Baer

‘Broke Straight Boys’ introduce muscled straight teen guy, Adam Baer, and his thick 10 inch dick to a fantastic BSB production in this sensual hardcore movie along with Tate Thompson, who is an all exclusive star to Broke Straight Boys.
This hardcore episode gets into the action straight away. No story, just a fast paced pay to gay fuck movie as Adam Baer and Tate Thompson kneel down on the bed fully clothed kissing each other. They tell each other how much they love each other and dream of a day when they don’t have to work so that they can spend their days having unadulterated sex. As they kiss, they start stripping each other naked and grinding their hips against each other.

Once naked, straight dude Adam stands up on the bed and Tate grabs a hold of his big black circumcised cock in his warm hand and puts it in his mouth. Adam groans out deeply as Tate sucks on his dick and fondles his heavy ball sack that dangles between his powerful and hairy thighs. Adam bends over whilst his cock is getting blown and strokes his hand lovingly all over Tate’s firm white butt cheeks. Tate’s body rocks backwards and forwards as he sucks on Adam’s dick and Adam smacks his slutty ass which turns Tate on even more. Adam puts his fingers into his mouth and slides them up and down Tate’s tight crack. Tate groans out load with extreme pleasure as Adam smacks his fingers against his hot asshole and makes Tate beg to have his fingers deep inside his hole. Adam bends over his body and watches his fingers disappear inside Tate’s tight hole knowing he needs to loosen his hole up if he wants to squeeze his huge cock into such a tight ass.
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Adam lays down on his back and Tate moves over his body in the sixty nine position and sucks on his dick whist Adam licks and eats out his soon to be fucked hole. Using his thick, black thumbs, Adam prises open Tate’s hole as the camera zooms straight in there and we get to see how pink and clean Tate’s asshole is as he leans forward and sinks his tongue as deep as it can go. Tate’s cock throbs with excitement as Adam smacks his ass a few more times and tells him he wants to fuck his sweet asshole.
Tate gets on to his back with his knees bent towards his muscular hairy chest and Adam bends over and takes it in turns as he sucks on Tate’s eight and a half inch dick, and then back to licking his juicy entrance until Tate begs him once again to fuck him.
Adam quickly rolls on a condom and pile drives all ten inches deep into Tate Thompson’s slutty tight hole. As sweat pours down their hard bodies Adam and Tate moan and groan as they fuck like a couple of dogs on heat as they fuck doggy style, and then into the missionary position where Tate cries out as his hot juicy cum splatters over his ravished body. Adam Baer gets up and, as he jerks franticly on his thick dick, Tate opens his mouth and gets rewarded as thick creamy white cum shoots out of Adam’s pulsating cock and lands all over his cock sucking lips and into his mouth which he lovingly swallows.…

Broke Boys Fucks Raw

It’s time to get those tissues out as five horny men get together in an amazing, futuristic ‘Broke Straight Boys’ movie. It stars Tanner Valentino , Brady Bennett, Adam Baer, Brandon Evans, and all exclusive star to this site, Paddy O’Brian from the UK. That’s 37.5 inches of cock all waiting for you as they get sucked and pile drive each other’s tight amateur str8 asshole. It’s all filmed by the award winning team BSB. So, get those cocks out and start stroking as this is one awesome fuck-fest with some of the best boys around in the straight gay porn world today.
The world has gone into chaos, and with no females about, the men, even the straight ones, are fucking each other.
broke straight boys
The men wear whatever clothes they can find, and some even wear gas masks because of the nuclear fallout. A small bunch of men exist but its dog eat dog and only the toughest and roughest survive. Tanner Valentino is the tough leader of this small army of horny men, and when he finds out that Paddy O’Brian has started having sex with other men, he decides that they are all going to have one big orgy in a broken down factory; and no one says ‘no’ to Tanner.
Adam Baer gets down onto his knees and starts sucking Paddy’s thick hard dick at the same time as Brandon Evans sucks on Brady Bennett’s hard cock as Tanner, who is wearing a mask that makes him look like Hannibal Lecter. Stands stroking his eight and a half inch cock as he watches them doing as they have been told.
Tanner Valentino then gets on his knees, and one by one he sucks on all their delicious dicks as they surround him in a circle. He then stands up and watches once again as Brandon kisses Brady on his lips as he gets his tight ass drilled hard by Adam from behind and Paddy strokes on Brady’s raging hard toy all at the same time.
It’s each boy for himself as they take turns in sucking each other’s dicks, and getting their tight assholes packed full with throbbing hard cocks as they fuck with a desperate urgency. Tanner then bends over and after Tanner Valentino has drilled his hole as he is bent over, he stands up and sprays his hot amateur gay cum onto the dirty ground below him.
After he has shot his load, Tanner gets back on his knees with his mouth open and takes Brady Bennett’s, Adam Baer’s, Brandon Evans’ and Paddy’s thick creamy jizz into his mouth as they shoot loads of cum down his greedy throat.
Tanner Valentino is ruggedly handsome with a great hard body and has starred in 36 hardcore amateur straight movies for the adult website. He is versatile with an eight and a half inch cut dick, has short cropped brown hair, brown eyes and is five feet seven inches tall.
Brady Bennett has a lean body full of lovely dark hair, and he has been in seven movies for BSB. He is a bottom man and loves to get fucked by as many cocks as possible. He has an eight inch uncut dick, brown hair, sexy brown eyes and is six foot tall.
Adam Baer has that classic Hollywood look, like George Clooney or even Clark Gable. He is a top with a seven-inch circumcised cock, he also has brown hair, amazing blue eyes and has starred in three hardcore flicks with the site so far.

bsbAmongst the scores of famous str8 gay porn actors of today’s Tanner Valentino occupies a unique and exclusive place, not just because he is much loved by multitudes of fans, but also on account of his creative interests and spiritual aspirations. Tanner is a Fine Arts graduate with Bachelor’s and Master’s degree to his name. What’s more, he is a one of those people who not only talk about art in their spare time, but actively invest in it. In fact some time ago he sold off his possessions with the purpose of funding his cherished art project of travelling and filming in various states as a form of innovative art collaboration.
In more straightforward terms Tanner is a handsome hazel-eyed man, with creamy skin and beautifully lean muscles sculpted over six feet two inches frame. His hair and beard are both chestnut brown and the charming fuzz covering his body is in warm russet hue. His succulent eight inch cut cock completes this earthy yet stylish image.
Born in October 1980 Tanner entered the porn business at the age of 24 performing in Sean Cody videos. Consequently he worked on numerous movies, taking part in 35 BSB hardcore productions where he teamed up successfully with such top actors as Bennett Anthony in “Make me an Offer part 2”, Brandon Moore, Roman Todd, Addison Graham and Will Braun, one of the leading light of BSB in the renowned series “The Cult . He also starred in the “Howl” series, celebrated for the famous College Boy Physicals, and is a winner of a number of prestigious awards, such as the 2015 Grabby Award and this year’s Cybersocket Best Personality Web Award.
Tanner enjoys a big Twitter following and his “Big Shoe Diaries” blog is celebrated by his adoring fans for the brilliance of its visions and ideas. In another, more mainstream incarnation he shined as the lead of Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2016 campaign “Hot Broke Straight Boys”. Tanner modelled Dame Westwood’s bold designs in Venice in the midst of the city opulence in a campaign emphasising the threat of urban decay and the call for awareness and action.
Occasionally Tanner feels startled by his own popularity. His personal life is simple and quiet as he prefers to dedicate most of his energy to art pursuits. Generally reserved, he becomes uninhibited in front of the camera, but then again retrieves to his individual space. He is not averse to short-lived liaisons with men he meets while on the road, but does not have time and inclination to commit to a full-time relationship, preferring instead the freedom of travel.
Tanner has also professed closeness to communist ideas, but as a man living in a pragmatic world, he still needs to maintain his employment as a str8 to gay porn actor. And just as well, as his adoring fans hope that they will be able to delight in his magnificent presence in broke straight boys movies for many more years.…

Broke Straight Boys: Cage

Tyler Griffin and Junior Fernandez are two broke st8 boys that are prepared to get acquainted with each other a little better now and that begins locking lips before Fernandez goes down toward Griffin’s cock as they make out. Fernandez gets enormous penis is ’sed by Griffin outside and works that fat cock sucking it and feeling it grow harder on his tongue as he slides his mouth up and down. Tyler gets a taste of Fernandez licking his penis and sucking on his balls as Antonio lies back and loves it, but he climbs on top and sits back onto Fernandez’s penis once Tyler’s got Fernandez’s broke straight cock standing at attention.

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They make out more before Tyler holds upward Junior’s legs and buries his bareback cock in his butt, making straight boy Junior moan and taking it slow before fucking him harder! Tyler’s balls smack against Junior’s butt as he thumps him tender, taking him with each of Tyler’s deep stabs in many different places as Junior’s broke butt rebounds. Junior’s tight ass is too much for Tyler and he lets his cum fly back, then sealing the deal with a kiss, letting Tyler clean it up with his mouth and licking it up while Junior jerks himself off and cums hard!…

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